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About us

DCXtrading is specialized in offering tradingsoftware as a service (bots) for crypto currency, forex and stock for customers wich include private investors (min investment $ 10.000,-), companies, funds and we also offer whitelabel options for partners. Our customers always remain in full control of their own wallet and trading accounts on third party exchanges. The bot trades on behalf of the customer by using API. Full automatically, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our bots are developed in house and aim to boost the profit while keeping risk low. We operate based on our key values: openness, honesty and transparency. All of our different offerings are based on no cure no pay basis. We only charge if you make profit!

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Please find below a list of the most frequently asked questions


Which trading-bots are offered?

We are continuously investing in the development of additional features and new bots. But also in offering our services on a variety of trusted third party exchanges. At this moment we offer the following trading bots:

The name "Gemino" originated from the movie Harry Potter and the Deadly hallows. When Harry Potter entered the vault in order to retrieve Helga Hufflepuff's Cup, the treasures multiplied repeatedly, and nearly crushed Harry after it had grown so large in number.
"Gemino" is a bot which helps to multiply your account.

Please find below the characteristics of "Gemino":
- Tradingpair BTC/USD
- Buy and sell Ethereum perpetual contracts (using Bitcoin)
- Trade with base currency BTC
- This includes the risk of a price fluctuations of the Bitcoin
- Leverage trading
- Available on the following exchanges: Bitmex
- Risk profile: high

Some claims that sophisticaed trading algorithms are only available for banks and big firms and not for the private market. The name "Nexus" literely means connection between industry and power.
"Nexus" is a bot which makes it possible to connect to sophisticated trading algoritms.

Please find below the characteristics of our Gemino trading bot:
- Tradingpair ETH/USD
- Buy and sell Ethereum perpetual contracts (with Ethereum)
- Buy ETH-USD perpetual and future short contracts which mitigates the price risk of ethereum price fluctuations.
- Leverage trading
- Available on the following exchanges: Deribit
- Risk profile: Medium

The name "Tribble" originated from the Star Trek serieus. In the fifteenth episode so called "Tribbles" appear as cute little hairballs, born pregnant so their population grows very, very quickly, making them a pest which soon completely overruns the Enterprise and space station.
"Tribble" is a bot which helps your portfolio grow.

Please find below the characteristics of our Tribble trading bot:
- Tradingpair ETH/USD
- Buy and Sell Ethereum-USD perpetual and future long contracts (with Bitcoin)
- Buy Bitcoin-USD perpetual and future short contracts which mitigates the price risk of bitcoin price fluctuations.
- Leverage trading
- Available on the following exchanges: Bitmex
- Risk profile: medium

Which trading-pairs are offered?

We are continuously investing in the development of additional features and new bots. At this stage we offer the following trading pairs:

- Gemino = BTC / USD (base currency is BTC)
- Nexus = ETH / USD (base currency is USD)
- Tribble = ETH / USD (base currency is USD)

What exchanges are supported?

Currently the following exchanges are supported by DCX-trading
- BitMEX
- Binance
- Deribit

How can I add/select a bot?

DCX offers a Dashboard for you to select tradingbot(s) and exchanges. Once you are registered you can login to the Dashboard to find this option.

Can I switch from one bot to another?

You can always switch from one bot to another or from one exchange to another. You would need a verified and funded account on that specific exchange and an activated API. Click here if you need help activating the API.

Can I adjust the risk-profile?

All our trading bots are built custom to reduce the risk for our customers. It is therefore not possible to adjust the risk. However, each bot has its own characteristics with unique risk profiles so you can pick the profile that fits you. Want to learn more about our bots? Click here


Where can I find my profits?

You can login to your dashboard to view your profits ‘real-time’. In your dashboard you are also able to check your returns for the past months. You can also login to your personal account on the exchange instead.

Can I deposit / withdraw at any time?

You can deposit at any time. Our trading bot recognizes deposits and withdraws which are taken in to account when calculating your profit.

It’s also possible to withdraw at any time but there are certain risks involved. If you would like to withdraw a significant portion of your portfolio we recommend to close your positions and temporarily de-activate the API. Withdraws up to 10% of your account can be made instantly with no significant risk.

Are deposits and withdraws automatically taken into account when calculating monthly profit?

Yes, our software is developed to automatically recognize deposits and withdraws. There are shown on your monthly invoice under "balance mutations" and either deducted (deposits) or added (withdraws).

Which payment methods are offered for paying invoices?

The first day of each month, an invoice is created based on the profit made by the trading software. Customers can opt to pay the invoice either in EUR (14 days term) or in BTC (3 days term).


How much profit can I make?

Unfortunately we�re not able to predict future returns. However, you can check our performance page for past returns. Keep in mind that past performances are no guarantee for future returns.

Can I also lose money?

There is always a risk involved in trading for losing money. A price can rise or fall which will have an immediate effect on the value of your portfolio. Each bot has a different risk profile.

What does it cost?

We believe in the performance of our trading software. Hence, we only charge a fee when you are making profit. This fee is based on 33% of the profit, for which DCX provides you with an individual server environment, security and the trading software as a service.
That means 67% of the profit made by our services, will be yours!

What are requirements to participate?

In order to participate you should:
- Act on your behalf and be at least 18 years of age
- Have a verified and funded account on the selected exchange
- Be aware of the risks involved with trading

What is API and how does it work?

An API is an �Application Programming Interface� and is needed to build the interface between your account and the trading software. In that way, the software is able to trade on your behalf. By providing read and trade rights only, the software is prohibited for any withdraws to minimize risk.

Can I stop at any time?

Obviously, we would be sorry if you decide to stop trading. However we would like to make this process as simple as possible. You can simply stop by de-activating your API. At that point the connection with our software is terminated. Please keep in mind that all open positions need to be manually closed if you chose to do so. We recommend you to notify us up front so the software can close the positions before you de-activate the API.


Are my funds secure?

The software has no access to your funds as it only trades on your behalf and cannot withdraw funds/coins. The exchanges we work with took the necessary steps in order to secure your accounts. We advise to activate two-factor authentication at all times.

What is two-factor authentication?

With two-factor authentication you can secure your account with an extra authentication method. Apart from your login and password, you also need to enter a code which is provided by an Authenticator app on your smartphone. In that way a potential hacker would not only need your account details but also access to your smartphone.

What happens when I lose my password?

Each exchange offers the opportunity to provide a password reset option. You should then receive an email from the exchange with instructions how to reset your password.